Volunteering in Kenya, July 2015

Hey people, my name is Helena, but most of people know me simply as HelĨa. I have had a traveling spirit since very early childhood. Geography was my favorite subject during my school years and I have always been interested in other countries, different cultures and people. Thanks to the family members living all around my home country and also all around the world, I travelled a lot as a child, visiting many cities and using various transport possibilities. I didn´t miss any school tour or excursion to other countries while being still at Grammar school. My first solo trip happened shortly after I turned 16 and a first destination was my all time favorite Italy. I marked a first oversea experience in Africa as a part of a volunteer trip at the age of eighteen in July 2015.

Io Torno A Vivere is my place where I want to share with you my stories and experience about my travels and some other things I´m interested in, such as photography, volunteering or different cultures. I want to inspire people to discover other parts of this world and show them that everything is possible if they simply want to achieve it. So let´s explore this beautiful world together!


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