6 Best Day Trips from London


So many tourists visit London each year and they wander around to snap photos of Big Ben, the National Gallery or they queue to take a selfie with celebrities at Madame Tussauds. However if you decide to spend in London more than one week and you are already sick and tired of this city, try to explore the United Kingdom a bit more. During my stays in London, I had a chance to visit various places all around and I found many awesome destinations which can serve like normal day trips or lovely weekend getaways. Many of the best cities, villages, castles, churches, monuments and other famous landmarks can be easily reached by train, by coach, or by car. So what are you waiting for? Plan your holiday to London and use this city as a hub to explore other exciting locations around the United Kingdom.

1. Oxford

Oxford is probably best known for the famous University of Oxford, but there are so many other things you can do over there. This one day trip from London is only an hour away from the capital, so you will definitely have so much time to wander around and visit places such as Ashmolean Museum, Christ Church College, Bodleian Library or just get lost among the buildings and colleges. I can also recommend you to visit Pitt Rivers Museum, it is just one of the best museums I have ever visited, it just has that "wow" appeal and feeling. You just won´t regret seeing all the interesting expositions they have there. 

2. Stonehenge

One day, one my friend said that if you haven´t seen Stonehenge while being in the UK, you just can´t say that you have visited the country at all. I don´t know if I should agree or not, but I can agree with a statement that this famous prehistoric monument is something what you definitely should see for yourself. It has interesting history and it might help you to understand the past of the Great Britain a bit more again. Only problem which I had with this destination was the huge amount of tourists, but I think that it definitely shouldn´t discourage you and just...go there. 

3. The Cotswolds

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Do you know that can be the worst scenario if you decide to go and spend some time around the Cotswolds? Your camera just runs out of battery. Yes, it happened to me and that is why I want to go back and take some wonderful photos of absolutely stunning and magical villages, green hills, gorgeous buildings and gardens. If you want to relax, this one day trip or weekend getaway is perfect for you. 

4. Salisbury

This ancient town is really beautiful one and if you want to take a break from busy London, this one day journey is perfect for you. Salisbury is well known for the impressive 800-year old cathedral. If you look for other places, I can recommend you Larmer Tree Gardens, it is really peaceful place and I really liked it over there. And one my special tip - try to pay a visit to Church of St. Mary and St. Nicholas. I think it is really beautiful church which can remind you lovely Italy and her awesome architecture.

5. Bath

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This charming Roman city called Bath is one of the places you should not miss while traveling around the United Kingdom. You can visit famous Roman Baths, stunning Bath Abbey or bathe in the rooftop pool at Thermae Bath Spa. If you are interested in local famous residents, follow steps of Jane Austen and don´t forget to visit the Jane Austen Centre. I really liked to discover more things about the famous writer´s life over there. And if you love the views, then find some wonderful ones from Alexandra park or Bath Skyline. 

6. Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is only a couple of hours from London and you know what, it has it all. Stroll through the landscaped gardens, descend into the dungeons, wander the stately halls and enjoy views from the towers. If you want to explore the town a bit more, you can head to amazing Charlecote Park (I really enjoyed visiting it, it has really nice interior) or my favourite gem of the town, Collegiate Church of St Mary´s. We had really wonderful guide in the church and she made the visit to church much more pleasant and I think that this church should definitely be included on your bucket list for the United Kingdom. 

What about you? What are your favourite getaways for the United Kingdom? 

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