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As the new year kicks off, it is time to start saving for new trips and planning your next adventures. Most of my friends say that one of their most important new year´s resolution is to travel more. I can understand that discovering new countries, cities and cultures is very attractive way how to spend your holidays. It doesn´t matter if you want to wander around cities in your country or if you want to go somewhere abroad, everything counts and as long as it makes you happy, keep doing it. Because one day, you will have really huge regrets for not doing this and that thing. But let´s move on. I decided to put together my travel bucket list for this year AND I also decided to invite some other travel bloggers to share their dream destinations for year 2016. Here we go!

1. Mombasa, Kenya

Despite visiting Kenya last year, I definitely want to get back again. Why? The reasons are simple - meet my friends, volunteer again and discover this wonderful country a bit more. I heard from many people that Mombasa is worth a stop when you are in Kenya. You can see very interesting "architecture" over there from colonial era and sandy beaches are just gorgeous, especially during sunrise or sunset. And I just somehow didn´t manage to see it for myself. Ups! Well, it looks like I have to fix this as soon as possible.


2. Krakow, Poland

No, I wasn´t in Krakow. And yes, I live only a few hundreds miles far away. Despite the fact that Poland is one of the countries I had a chance to visit some years ago, I have never made it to Krakow yet. People who already have been there only praise this city and honestly, no wonders they do so. Fortunately, I already have plans to come there in summer with bunch of my friends, because you know what? World Youth Day will be held in Krakow this July!


3. Scandinavia

I honestly admit that I´m landscape lover. I simply can´t get enough of Scandinavia and her nature wonders. My dad travels to Sweden quite often, he learns Swedish and he is working on a book about North Europe right now, so he shares this passion with me and our dream is to do a big road trip all around Scandinavia. We don´t know if we can make it happen this year because we both have very busy schedules (he will be working and I will be studying and traveling on my own to other countries) but hopefully next year we can fulfil this wish. Look at this photo. It is just screaming - Come and visit me! Don´t you think? Everybody was making their way to magical Iceland last year, is probably my turn to mark off Scandinavia too. 


4. Rwanda

If somebody asked me a year ago if I would like to discover the African land of never ending hills and always smiling faces, I would probably say - yes, maybe sometime in future. But after seeing more photos of this country, Rwanda quickly made her way to the top of my bucket list. Many people know Rwanda especially for her infamous genocide in 1994. However, forget the past and let´s focus on beautiful sceneries and kind inhabitants you will have a chance to meet during your leisure time over there. I truly hope I can squeeze this country somewhere, because my heart and soul just needs to visit this peaceful country. And one extra reason why I want to visit Rwanda - I need to see the real gorillas! Not ZOO ones!

5. Slovenia

I was passing through Slovenia while going to Croatia as a child, but we did only stop at gas station and we never experienced any city nor checked any sightseeing. It is probably quite pity, I can see not only from photos, but also from other travel bloggers, that is is lovely country. What is another plus - it takes only around 6 hours to get there (by car or bus from my hometown) so I can do it anytime throughout the year and it won´t take such a long time as other trips would do.

So these are my places-to-go this year. And what about some other travel bloggers? Here are their wishes and hopes for this year!

Nikoleta from The Bonfire Dream

1) go on a road trip with the ones I love
2) go to India
3) go hiking in Tatranská Magistrála
4) try the real (not hall one) climbing


Tracey from Exploration Addict

"I´ve only started exploring Europe and now I know I can transfer my credit-card rewards points to Virgin Atlantic I hope to go again in 2016. This time I´m hoping to get to Scotland so I can hike through the highlands as well as explore both Edinburgh and Glasgow..."


Janys from Janys IN

"From the  early beginning, I have always wanted to visit all countries in Europe. I can´t make it in 2016, I know. But I definitely want to get a bit closer to this aim and I would like to visit Portugal, Ireland or Cyprus. Speaking about Portugal, of course that I also count Madeira and Azores. Well, I would actually like to discover these islands before anything else. 

Because I worked in Scotland some time ago and it was such an adventure, I would love to find some other job abroad again. Scandinavian countries look very attractive and that is why I might head there soon. 

And of course that my bucket list isn´t complete if there is no "outside of Europe" destination. I fell hardly in love with Indonesia and I would like to get back there again. I want to meet my friends which I made while visiting Java last year and another reason is that I would like to discover islands that I don´t know yet. Another goals include watching orangutans in Borneo, climb Mount Kelimutu of the island called Flores where you can find three variously coloured lakes and then I would like to visit Papuu."


And what about you and you travel plans for 2016? Share them below in comment section!

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  1. Amazing plans for 2016 :). Especially those in Africa. I admire your courage and passion for African countries :).

    1. thank you so much :) yours are awesome as well :) I just feel like nobody truly cares about Africa, everybody wants to visit Morocco or Egypt or South Africa or they forget about Africa and head to Asian countries (nothing against Asia, I would love to go there too) but in reality, Africa is much cheaper then Asia and about safety - yes, some countries are not so safe as others, but there are many countries where nothing is happening and I think that there is same chance to be robbed or kidnapped as in some Asian countries :)


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