One Day in Budapest - What to Do?


Walking down the wide streets, meeting tourists from various countries and hearing Hungarian all around. This is Budapest. One of the most favorite cities in the world when it comes to architecture, food or bridges and also a capital city of Hungary. Because Budapest is large and there are so many things to see, it might seem a bit overwhelming figuring out what to see and do. Don´t worry, I´m here to help you to pick the best spots and cover the best what Budapest can offer. 

First of all, I don´t want to promise you anything. I mean, no, I´m not going to show you how you can visit all monuments, churches or just all hot spots in Budapest. Because if you have only one day, you have to realize that you just can´t make it. Or maybe you can, if you are some super human. However, I´m going to write a small guide and point to some best things you can do over there.

Start fresh in the morning - you can have a breakfast at your hotel or you can try one of Budapest´s cafes. After breakfast don´t waste any more time and head to Castle District. Yes, it´s situated on a hill, so that´s why you should go there while you still have some energy. You can either take trams 4,6 to get to the hill and then walk up, or you can take special Castle Bus. The whole district is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The castle is probably one of the most visited monuments in Budapest, so it might be a bit crowded over there, but if you get there early in the morning, it shouldn´t be such a big problem. Buda Castle offers many things to do and it can take even an entire day to explore each meter of it, but we have only some time, so I can recommend you to visit Trinity Square, Matthias Church, Buda Castle Labyrinth or favorite Fisherman´s Bastion. And what you definitely shouldn´t miss - a gorgeous view from the castle´s walls. 

After visiting Castle District, we can go back to a city centre. You can take the Castle Bus again and then use some of Budapest´s metro line. Just a few meters away from the station of Castle Bus is St. Stephen´s Basilica. This building is something what you definitely can´t miss while visiting the city. Its interior is simply gorgeous and amazing. You will be just staring at a ceiling and walls and being blown away by that beauty. 

I bet you are probably hungry now and you need a rest now. There are two options you can choose from - either you find a good local restaurant (there are many great restaurants where you can taste Hungarian specials) or you can head over to Central Market Hall near Liberty Bridge. There you can sample some Hungarian street food and also buy some souvenirs or cheap things. It´s great option if you are tight on budget. The building also has awesome architecture, so while enjoying your meal, you can admire the large windows or tiny stalls.

When you are done with some rest, we can continue in our small trip. If you feel like you need something relaxing, you can head over to local spas - Szechenyi Baths. You can get there by Millennium Underground. And of course, don´t forget to bring your swimming costume. On the other hand, you can continue in sightseeing. Another place, which you should consider visiting, is Heroes´ Square. It´s one of the most visited sites in Budapest and also one of the most photographed ones. You can find there statues of Hungarian kings.  

It´s slowly getting darker, so you can either go to some restaurant and continue in sightseeing later, or you can go and visit the last place, which is definitely worth to see in Budapest. And it´s nothing else than famous Parliament. I can definitely recommend you to visit it during twilight or night, because it´s something absolutely stunning and gorgeous. After taking dinner or taking breathtaking photos of night Parliament building or Chain Bridge, there are a lot of great pubs or night clubs which are waiting for your visit. But it´s not a must, night walk is also beautiful way how to spend the evening in Budapest. So decide what works better for you. Just don´t forget where your hotel is, so you can make it safely to your room!

Have you even been in Budapest? What was your most favorite monument? Make me know in the comments!

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  1. I've never been to Budapest- Looks interesting. What are the baths like?

  2. Baths are great way how to relax, unfortunately its a bit overcrowded sometimes, but its good :-)

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