Enjoy Walking Tour in Prague and Help UNICEF


In case you are planning trip to Czech capital - Prague and you want to do a good thing, here is a really nice offer. 

Project called 1 Euro Walking Tour for UNICEF is created by one very nice and handsome Max. He is ready to show you Prague, guide you around and it costs only 1 euro. Yes, it´s true that there are many free walking tours everywhere - so why you should pay 1 euro especially for this one? Because Max doesn´t keep it for himself, but he donates it all straight to UNICEF and its projects. Think about it again, you will have great tour with great and funny guider and you will not only enjoy the city, but you will also donate to people, especially children, who need it.

The tour starts at 11am on the weekdays and 2pm on the weekends at street called Celetná 5. The tour is in English and you can recognize Max by his rainbow umbrella and blue UNICEF T-shirt. At the end of your tour, Max will take a photo with all of you and you can give him some review on his Facebook page - HERE

Max has raised 162 euros so far and still counting! So if you are in Prague and you are looking for funny, interesting and good tour, be sure you will join him and donate 1 euro to UNICEF!

photos credit - UNICEF/1 Euro Walking Tour for UNICEF 

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