Thun - Lake You Have to Visit in Switzerland


Switzerland is well known for absolutely awesome and wonderful nature. Who wouldn´t know the famous mountains or lovely lakes? Apart from nature, there is also nice architecture and magical villages.

In case you are planning a trip to Switzerland, there is one place you definitely shouldn´t miss - Lake Thun. It is located in the Bernese Oberland and it is named after the city of Thun, which is on its northern shore. It is quite large lake, with 2500 km² catchment area causing local floods sometimes. The lake is not only used for swimming or other recreationg activities but also for fishing.

We visited the city of Thun in the afternoon to do some grocery shopping and then we headed to the lake to swim a bit. After a hot day and sun everywhere, we really needed it. There are two outdoor swimming pools, meadow, small fast foods or restaurants on the shore so if you don´t want go to the lake, you can just chill on the shore and enjoy the beautiful view. Unfortunately, I didn´t manage to take any photos in the city, because I forgot the battery in a car. However I can highly recommend you a castle in the center of the Old Town from 12th century or local museum. 

So that´s my tip for your holidays or time in Switzerland. And I wish you the best time there, it´s such a good place for relax and chillout. It doesn´t matter from which shore you visit the lake, it will always be nice and magical experience.

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