Summer 2015 - Plans & Updates


So we received our report cards today and our summer break has officially begun. I´m feeling so joyful right now, because I have 2 months of absolutely no studying, which was terrifying me the whole year, especially last few weeks. 

 I have been looking forward to this summer break for so long and it´s finally here, with all my plans I planned and which will all go well, at least I hope. So I decided to give you a small peek at my summer schedule. Here we go.

1. Volunteering
 Yes, I have been dying to be a volunteer since my childhood and I tried to get involved in few organisations or foundations. However, it wasn´t very successful because of my young age. Yes, they tell you that you are never too young or never too old, but when it comes to these things, there is always required one thing - you must be at least 18 years old. So I finally meet this rule and this summer I´m going away for two trips. The first one takes place here in Czech republic and we are group of young people from all around the country and we will help locals with basic stuff such as painting a fence, cutting the grass or looking after the animals. And the second one is my favourite one - I´m going to Kenya! And for volunteer trip! Kenya has always been one of my No.1´s countries to visit and it´s coming true this year! It s also volunteer trip and you can be sure I will be updating you about my trip over there, just follow my Instagram or Twitter.

2. Languages
Languages are also included in my hobbies and right now I can say that I know and I´m able to use 5-6 languages (6 if I count Latin) and soon 7 languages when I work on my Swahili. And when I say I have to work on Swahili, so not only on Swahili, but generally on all my languages. I just need to revise and learn new things and mostly, practise, practise and practise. Practise makes you perfect.

3. Finding time for my hobbies
I didn´t have a lot of time for my hobbies, including volunteering, traveling, photography, dancing or languages. And during summer break I want to make it up and find for my hobbies as much time as possible. I can mark off volunteering, because I will do a lot of volunteering during summer. Another thing is that during my time in Kenya there won´t be anybody from my country so I will have to speak another language all the time and it also counts like form of practising. Then traveling and photography - Kenya solves both of these as well (don´t you see how one trip can be so useful?) but don´t worry, even after Kenya I will be taking thousands of photos of other trips I will do when I come back to my country. Dancing is also solved, because one of my plans is dancing camp which is held in my country and it´s planned by our dancing school and I have to say I´m quite excited about it and I´m really looking forward to meet my friends again, learn new moves and enjoy the dancing atmosphere.

I will try to update you here on blog, but unfortunately I can´t promise you anything. In case you are interested in my summer plans, make sure you follow me on my Instagram or Twitter where I will post updates and photos about my holidays. You can also write me what are your plans for summer break and I will be happy to read all your comments :)

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