Altenburg - German Town You Probably Haven´t Heard Of


Germany is a country with so many little towns and villages, which hide the biggest gems of architecture, nature or local traditional cuisine. I find new places every time I visit Germany and I think that sometimes it is better to stop and do a sightseeing than just pass by. And of these places is definitely German town called Altenburg, which I visited in November 2013. 

When you see the town for the first time, it might seem somehow boring and not very interesting, but if you dive into the center and tiny streets a bit deeper, you will discover its magic which totally got me when I was there. The little houses, all almost same looking, perfectly fit to paved streets as they create a peaceful atmosphere. Decoration placed inside the windows make you feel welcomed while the roads and pavements are mostly empty. It was probably because of weather, but I and my mum  saw only a few persons in total. However, we were both lucky to see one of the cutest things I had never seen before - babies from nursery school being walked and carried around a specific district. Like seriously, I thought I would melt right there. 

Since Altenburg is mostly protestant town, there are a lot of Lutheran churches or cathedrals. We visited like five churches in the town and only one of them was Catholic church. However, its interior  didn´t give the same impression like Lutheran´s ones. So if you would like to check some beautiful interior, I rather recommend protestant churches. Unfortunately, taking photos is prohibited in all churches (except Christian one.) Another thing worth to mention is a fact about card symbols. Symbols of hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs are placed almost everywhere, even in some places you would never expect it. Yes, really. The hearts are found on doors, stones by a road, or drawn on the walls of various buildings. Honestly, I didn´t find out why it is like that. Maybe it has a secret meaning.

The town is a great place for a weekend getaway or a short stop while backpacking Germany or Europe. There are not big crowds of tourists and Altenburg can offer many beautiful things, such as monuments, churches, little streets or interesting architecture. And you can catch it all in just one day, so you arrive in the morning and leave in the evening, with a satisfied feeling. So grab your bag and don´t wait anymore - Altenburg, a little piece of Germany, is waiting for you! 

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  1. You are right, Helča, Altenburg is really worth a visit.
    See you soon!
    Altenburg Appartement


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