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Traditional Christmas Markets are originally from Europe, but now they are spread all around the globe. The markets provide beautiful and magic Christmas atmosphere and people can enjoy many things while shopping the gifts or just sightseeing around.

I´m glad and feeling very happy I can live here, in Europe, where this is tradition and there are a lot of incredible markets which provide typical specialties of that country, for example chocolate, drinks like a grog, wooden toys and much more. If you are thinking about visiting Europe for Christmas or you are from Europe and you are thinking about traveling abroad for Christmas Markets, here are some tips for best ones.


Christmas Markets in Germany have had a long tradition. I could easily describe Berlin as the capital city of all Christmas Markets, because there are around fifty markets all around the city. The biggest and most famous one is held at Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche around 24th of November till 1st of January every year. Visitors can find there for example decorations, jewellery or some artwork and they can try to taste food and drinks as chestnuts, sausages or special types of wine. 


Advent has a very special meaning for people from Austria and Christmas Markets are usually used for meeting, shopping and having good Christmas mood. There are three big markets held in that city every year and each one can offer things like decorations, specialties of that country, mulled wine or hot chestnuts. The markets at Rathausplatz are held around 17th of November till 24th of December, Schönbrunn Palace market is around 24th of November till 26th of December or another tip can be Spittelberg market which is held around 15th of November till 23rd of December.


Christkindlimarkt in Zurich is one of the biggest Christmas market in Europe. There is a special place for it - a train station and you can find there even huge Christmas tree and it all creates wonderful Christmas atmosphere. But Christkindlimarkt is not only market in the town, there are even other markets and all have their special magic. Christkindlimarkt is held around 21st of November till 24th December.


Prague is beautiful the whole year, so when it comes to Christmas, this capital city of Czech republic turns into wonderful place for getting into Christmas mood. The biggest markets are held at Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. There can be found not only expected wodden toys or chestnuts, but even czech specialties like glasswork or staroceske trdlo(sweet cooked dough with sugar and cinnamon and i can only reccomend it, it´s also called trdelnik) or honey liquire. The markets are both held around 1st of December till 1st of January.


A great opportunity how to experience traditional folk dances, live music or Hungarian food is visit local Christmas markets, which can be found at Vörösmarty Sqaure around 18th of November till 30th of December. There are special handmade items, hot drinks like hot apple juice or chocolate punch. 


Christmas markets at Stockholm are usually a bit smaller than others in Europe, but they can offer special products which can be found only in Scandinavian part of Europe. People visiting local markets can try a local food specialties like various types of biscuits, punch, sausages or mulled wine. The markets at Skansen are opened only during weekends and are usually held from 23rd of November till 16th of December.


If you are looking for best markets, stunning atmosphere and gorgeous back drop of markets, Nuremberg is great choice for you. You can go through around 180 stalls, feel that atmosphere, shop local goods and try Nuremberg sausages or traditional sweets. If you are in Nuremberg around 30th of November till 24th of December, be sure you try to get there for at least some minutes to feel that beautiful atmosphere.


Christmas in Brussels are magic place. It covers almost 2 kilometres and you can find there around 240 wodden stalls, which sell maily arts, crafts or typical food and drinks. The markets are held at Grand’Place and Place Ste-Catherine around the date November 30 till January 6.


Markets in Barcelona, Spain has been held since 1786 and it´s definitely one of the thing to do in Barcelona around Christmas time. You can go through over 300 stalls and shop handcrafted Christmas goods, Christmas trees or try some food and drink. The markets are called Fira de Santa Llucia and are held around November 25 till December 24. 


Strasbourg is capital of Alsace region, which is located near France-German borders. So one of the oldest and most famous french Christmas market can be found exactly there. Visitors can admire gorgeous Christmas tree, do some sightseeing around, shopping or try specialties like hot orange juice, wine or biscuits. The markets are held around 23rd of November till 24th of December.

Of course there are more beautiful markets, which I could reccomend, but it could be for really long list. I will try and make some trip to one of these too, I love these markets a lot, because it´s a good way how to get into Christmas mood (and also how to do Christmas shopping few hours before Christmas Eve´s Day.)

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  1. Since I live in Europe and love to travel I have been in all there cities, but for Christmas in Europe, I think, the best place is RIGA :)


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