Visiting Christmas markets in Prague 2014


I love Christmas. I love Prague. And I love Christmas markets. So put all these things together and you will get wonderful day in Prague. I decided to do some last Christmas shopping and visit beautiful markets which always attract me and I can spend a long time just wandering around and feeling a Christmas Spirit everywhere. If I don´t get any chance live abroad, I want to live in Prague. I´m very cosmopolitan person, I feel like at home anywhere I am. I still need to travel, I need to have many people around me and actually something has to happen around me or I get bored, annoyed and just tired so much of the stereotype. I realized that I just have to live in big city one day, because that´s how I can fully enjoy my life. Alright, stop talking about me, let´s talk about Christmas markets I visited yesterday.

Creche. How typical decoration of Christmas time. You can find this on Wenceslas Square. We arrived there a bit later, around early evening, because we had done big Christmas shopping before. There was too crowded, I could barely take some good photo, because there was still somebody who got into the frame of my camera. I don´t have many photos from markets on Wenceslas Square because of big crowd over there, but just for your imagination, there are similar things which you will find on other photos.

It´s usually served in various fast-foods, but even on Christmas markets it has a special place and special meaning. What I am talking about? Well, lángos. If you have never tasted it, you should definitely find a chance to do it. It´s really good, I don´t know how to describe it, but it´s from Hungary. You can see how they make it on photo above. Apart from this food, you can find there a lot of other typical food. Slovakian-czech speciality Trdelník, sausages, wine, honey wine and much more. 

You can find there everything. And when I say everything, I really mean it. This photo above and other photos are from are called "Václavské trhy" and you can find them in street called Havelská  (Havelská ulice). There were less people than everywhere else and the people from markets were much more comfortable with taking photos than at other markets.

As I have already mentioned, you can find there everything. Food and drinks, toys from wood, jewelery, decorations from glass, various paintings and much more. Just go and discover.

Ah and this is that famous "Trdlo" or "Trdelník". They call it different, I just call it "trdlo". It´s sweet and it´s one of the best thing you can ever taste. You can see above how it´s made. It´s from leavened dough and there is added sugar, cinnamon and sometimes even nutella or other ingredients, but trdlo is one of the must things to try when you get here. We found around 10 small market houses selling Trdlo just in Old Town Square, it´s really popular. 

Another type of things you can buy from Christmas markets. However this I found only in markets in Old Town Square. This man was very nice and chatted with us for a while, seems he cared about visitors and possible customers. I wished we could buy something from him, but we already have similar decorations at home, but if you ever get there, you have to find this and buy something. You could see from all photos that experience Christmas markets is pretty enjoyable, even though there was pretty chilly and freezing, my hands, especially fingers, were like frozen, but it´s just Christmas atmosphere. It started raining-snowing during our trip, but only lightly. I can only recommend Christmas markets in Prague, despite a big crowd and sometimes cold weather, but if you manage to find great timing and even some other markets, you won´t regret it, because it´s very enjoyable experience.

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  1. Aww, beautiful impressions! Prag is on my bucket list for so long. And I hope that next year I will make it for some days to Prag! Love, Dani

    1. ah yes, you have to go there, it´s really beautiful city, i love it a lot, though sometimes it´s a bit crowded, but still beautiful experience :)


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