Get Lost In The Magical Streets of Assisi


5 minutes! My eyes widened, I quickly jumped to the cash desk, paid for my souvenirs and ran out of the store. I was supposed to be almost on the other side of this beautiful city in just a few minutes. Fortunately my sense of direction is very good so I usually don´t get lost. I did my best and ran through all tiny streets in of my best time ever - 3 minutes and 10 seconds. It´s quite good, don´t you think? Plus I was one of the first of my group who arrived to the place of the meeting.

If you have ever been in Italy, you know that this country has one of the most beautiful architecture in the entire world. We all see plenty of photos capturing wonderful small streets with typical Italian houses and windows all around the Internet. Especially social sites like Pinterest or Tumblr are full of these ones. And in case you wonder where to find these magical streets, I have one suggestion - Assisi. 

Assisi was on my bucket list for so long. I was dreaming about going to this town and discovering all the parts to the smallest detail. When we got a free time and chance to explore this lovely place on our own, I didn´t wait any longer and ran into the unknown streets. One of my friends accompanied me as well, so I also had a good conversation with him during my little sightseeing. He had been in Assisi before so he knew some interesting things and facts about the history of this town, life of San Francesco or monuments and it was nice to learn more about these things.

After some time, my friend met another people from my group and we separated, he stayed with them talking about the trip, me trying to find souvenir shop with not very expensive souvenirs. I had promised to my family to bring them small and lovely goods before my leaving to Italy. So I wanted to make it happen. Anyway, I found many shops, but even though a lot of items caught my attention, my wallet didn´t suffer with any looses. My feet were just wandering out and about and my fingers were working quickly and hard to snap every wonderful piece I discovered over there.

Anyway, I finally found really nice souvenir shop almost on the other side of the Assisi. Alright, almost all shops are same and offer similar or same items, but this was kinda different and I bought there good and nice things. Plus the owner was very kind and he was very happy and helpful with everything. I tried to talk with him in Italian, but when I couldn´t remember how to say something, he quickly reacted in English. Pity we couldn´t talk more, but I soon realized I have to be on the other side of the town and the rest you know already.

Apart from shops with souvenirs, these streets are home for real Italian pizzerias, cafes, various little shops with sweets, Italian food or other kinds of restaurants or stores. Just you have to discover it on your own. Italian cuisine is one of the best and most know in the world and you have to try at least famous gelato. Or coffee. But before you order coffee, be sure you said it right, so you won´t get into the same "embarassing" situation as my one of my friends, who ordered wrong drink, only because we call it differently in our country than in Italy. But I will tell you about this story maybe later.

I can recommend to "get lost", wander around, seek the Italian culture and relax. Don´t rush anything and enjoy your stay there, because it´s really worth it and have a good time discovering this beautiful town.

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