7 Tips How To Be Yourself


"Just be yourself." You hear this phrase all the time. Whether you are at school, at home, with your family or friends, there might come the moment, when somebody says - "Just be who you are." However, it´s easy to say it but actually it might be quite difficult to do it. So I decided to help you and put together some tips:

1) Find out who you are - focus on things which you enjoy doing and which brings you enjoyment. It doesn´t matter if it´s music, fashion, sport or something else, it´s a specific part of your personality and individuality and you should know what makes you happy, fine and satisfied. 

2) Let yourself grow up - don´t try to be same person forever. As you slowly grow up, you might find it difficult sometimes, because some of your values suddenly won´t be important as before and if you enjoyed dancing as a child, don´t get upset if you don´t enjoy it anymore when you are around 20. It´s a part of growing up, your interests, hobbies and thoughts are going to change and you have to accept it.

3) Treat yourself well - you are your best friend, your soul mate and if you can´t respect, value or treat yourself well, you will probably never be the best version of yourself as you could be. Tell yourself you are brave, nice and beautiful unless others do it. You have to feel confident and special so you can show people who you really are and that you are completely alright with that.

4) Follow your own style - develop your own individuality and don´t forget what´s matter to you. Remember being different is great and people will notice you and they will be attracted to you more than to others if you show up your own style in fashion, music style or hobbies. 

5) You are who you are and not somebody else - don´t compare to others. Basically, if you just compare yourself to others, you will never be happy person. Why? Because you will be trying to live life of somebody else and not your own. You never know who they really are, what they show and what they hide. Instead of this, value yourself, own personality and differences which make you genuine.

6) Don´t care what people say -  they will always talk about you. Well or badly, they will. One simple advice - forget about them. Just do it. They might like you, they might hate you, but they can´t take you who you are. If you change, somebody may come up with the comments, positive or negative ones, but if you focus on negative ones, you might stop doing other important things and forget about all that nice comments which you received.

7) Don´t worry and be happy - don´t worry if something messes up. There are good times but even bad times. Stop worrying and try to even make a fun of yourself if it´s necessary. People like if somebody can take himself quite funny and not too seriously, but can value himself at the same time. Enjoy your life and be who you want to be, follow your dreams and achieve your goals.

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